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Related post: WARNING: This fictional story contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS UNDER THE AGE OF TWENTY-ONE. You should know whether you want to be reading this or not! 9/98 ************************************************************************** RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-6 "RITES OF BOYHOOD, part 6" (Part #6) Copyright 1997, 1998 Vince Water ************************************************************************** Author's Note: While trying to finish stories to my booklet "Indian Boys at Play" I've taken a short break to complete the loli bbs models ls sixth part to this on-going series for your reading enjoyment. I hope you'll like it. I welcome comments and suggestions to this story-in-progress. Let me know what you think of the "Rites of Boyhood" family nude pic lolit series and what you would like to see happening in it. I may just include your wish in a future story part! Write me. Okay? lolitas 15 yo vidos ************************************************************************** * "Rites of Boyhood" thai lolitas hard pics * * - part 6 - * Jimmy chased after his little friend into the woods. He hoped that Jeff knew where he was going. They needed to return to their barracks to dress back into regular clothes. At least that's what his friend wanted to do. The young boy was rather shy about his nudity. Jimmy knew why. With each of the boy's strides, he spied on his friend's pale butt beneath his rear cloth. The front flap also wasn't much cover for his dick. That didn't bother Jimmy. He looked down at himself while he ran and could see his deerskin cloths flapping against his body. They had been recently fire dried by the Indian man; warm against the front of him and his butt. They were enough cover in the hot summer while at summer camp; no girls to laugh at them. Unlike Jeff, he enjoyed flaunting his body that made him appear almost naked in an Indian boy's garment. Two men have already been attracted to him because of it. That made the boy giggle with naughty delight. vintage young lolita portal Sadly, the brightly painted designs on their breech-cloths had been ruined by mud. Mister Burrows said that they still legal real lolita preteen looked good like what he wore when a boy on his Indian reservation. Jimmy took his meaning that they had become authentic looking with their mud stains and faded colors. The boy grinned with fond remembrance. Mister Burrows was a nice man. He was gentle and wise but also he could be fierce like the Indian warriors depicted in his history books when it came to performing rituals and doing naked things. Jimmy liked that. His small body was learning new ways to little lolitas hairless pussy perform that were pleasurable and it made the youth feel more grown up. What he had been taught was passed onto Jeff. That little boy was too young to perform all the sex things that he could, Jimmy realized. Yet his friend could still do all the important things: lolicons 15 yo xxx feel deep friendship and make Jimmy feel happy; his little pole could get hard and rub against his with nice thrills felt by them both. He wanted to have Jeff really close to him like what he suspected was happening between Parker and his Spanish friend, Miguel. Two boys in love. Jimmy continued to chase after Jeff while this thoughts remained deep. This summer was proving to be a most exciting time in the boy's life. His heart nearly burst with joy from all the wonderful things he had done in his first days at camp. It was really turning out to be fun! Jeff's pace slowed when his legs tired from running. The boys had found a path leading from Mister Burrow's shack that they hoped would bring them back to their barracks yet nude teen loli models the line of trees seemed to go on and on. When the smell of smoke filled the air, they took the left fork in the path to avoid the camp dumps. They eventually ended up at the arched wooden entrance to Camp Shingobeck. "This is where we got off the bus," Jeff remarked. He pointed at the deep grooves in the dirt that had come from big tires. "Uh, huh. We only need to go that way to return to our barracks." Jimmy put his arm over Jeff's slim shoulder and together they walked down the road. A huge oak came into view. Hanging down naked lolita 15 yr from it was a long roped ladder. Jimmy felt his stomach tightening with fear. "Hey, let's climb it!" asked Jeff. "No... I don't want to," said Jimmy. In reply, Jeff tore from his side and ran to the base of the huge oak. He turned around with a mischievous expression on his face. "Are you afraid?" taunted the little boy. Jimmy nodded. petite lolitas 101 xxx He remembered what had happened to his dad so there was no shame in admitting fear to his friend. Jeff turned away and began his climb of the swinging rope ladder. It appeared to be well constructed with two main ropes hanging down joined together with wooden foot steps. Way above was the club house. It seemed very far up to Jimmy. "Don't get too high!" Jimmy warned. He watched the little boy climb hand over foot up the knotted rope ladder. His small body was scaling the heights quickly; the words of caution ignored. A hard fist of pain came into Jimmy's stomach. Much fear! He was remembering what had happened to his father... how he had died. His hands reached out to the ladder's shaking ropes to steady Jeff's climb so that he wouldn't fall. When Jeff reached about half way to the club house, he paused to look down. That was a big mistake. The little boy realized the enormity of what he was doing... so high up! His trembling hands clutched the ropes and wouldn't let go. Jimmy saw the boy's distress. He wasn't getting any higher nor was he trying to climb down. "What's wrong?" he called up. A whimpering sound came from his lolita complex image board friend in response. "I'm scared!" the boy managed to cry out. He clung to the swaying ropes and stared down at the ground - the far nude adolecent lolita art away ground that would kill him if he fell. "Help me! I can't climb anymore!" Jimmy gulped. He knew that the little boy was going to get himself into trouble. Now it was nude lolita model pixs up to him to get Jeff out of it. With much trepidation, he began to climb up to him. Ever in his mind was the fact of how his father had fallen to his death from climbing a similar rope to their tree house in the backyard tree. It had been a stupid accident; not his fault as the firemen and his mother explained to him again and again. Yet Jimmy felt responsible. He had called down to his father to join him in the tree house. In play, he tugged on the rope ladder to scare his father while he climbed. The man fell. It was his fault that he died! Jeff called down to him again. It took much courage but Jimmy managed to get himself to climbing again. His hands kept a strong grip of the knotted rope while his bare feet cute little lolita girls slipped over the wooden steps. The boy didn't dare look down. He kept his eyes forward to the oak tree's bark. "You're getting close!" Jeff shouted with relief. He watched his friend's slow steady climb towards him. A little angel lolita bbs terrible thought struck the youth. 'What is he going to do when he reaches me?' Jeff didn't know. He wasn't going to be letting go of the rope ladder no matter what! Jimmy kept climbing until his right hand touched upon something warm. It was the boy's foot. He had made it! Now what was he going to do? Jeff whimpered like a lost puppy; a really scared one. There was fear in Jimmy's heart as well but he tried not to show it. "I've got yah!" Jimmy called to his friend. He climbed over the little boy with their bodies touching, back to chest. The rope ladder swayed from their combined weight. He tried not thinking about it breaking. "I don't know what to do!" cried Jeff. He was glad that his friend was behind him but they were both stuck on the ladder together. "Okay. Just start climbing down real slow," asked Jimmy. "I'm right behind you so nothing bad is going to happen." Jeff shook his head violently. He kept his tight grip of the ropes and wouldn't move. Jimmy's hands went around his trying to loosen them. That only made the little boy more scared. "Don't do that!" Jeff cried. "I've got you," answered Jimmy. "Just lower your leg and let one of your hands go from the rope so that we can climb down. Don't be scared." loli girl picture art Jeff thought about it. Maybe he could keep one hand on the ladder and lower his leg a bit until his free hand found a lower grip on the rope. He felt comforted by Jimmy's presence; his warm body against his back. The little boy would try it. He slowly loosened his left hand and he lowered his right foot along the ladder. Jimmy followed his every move. When the next wood-stepped landing was felt under the youth's foot, he gripped the rope with his left hand while opening his right hand. One full step down had been taken. "Good. Now keep going..." Jimmy urged. He tried ignoring the fear that was in his own heart by concentrating on his friend's progress. It was slow but steady going. Their bodies rubbed during their careful climb down. Jimmy got an erection from it. When Jeff made a step down in the protective enclosure of his arms, his dick pressed through his front flap against the boy's covered pthc little girls lolita butt. It really thrilled him. Jimmy liked butts. He knew what his long swit innocent lolita cp dick could do inside one. Jeff paused to rest his strained arms and legs. They were about half way down. A smile blossomed on his face when feeling his friend's male excitement against him so in a tease, he humped his bottom. Jimmy lifted his flap and stabbed him back in response. Jeff felt his friend's dick sticking between the crack of his butt and it reminded him of what had happened in the shower room; his sharp pain. He tightened his cheeks to prevent Jimmy from trying that in him again. Laughter came from below. In the next moment, there came a violent shaking of the rope ladder. Both boys hung on tight. A loud jaunting came from below and the ladder was shaken again. "You're both gonna fall! Nah, nah!" daddy s girls lolita Jeff cried out in fear. Jimmy kept a hold of his friend and the rope ladder to hang on. The boys below seemed intent on shaking them loose. "What are you doing?!" Jimmy shouted. "You'll make us fall down!" "Oow, too bad!" whined a boy. "We're gonna kill you two Indians and then scalp you!" He kidz loli pics underage pulled on the rope ladder and watched the two boys cling to it in terror. His older friend came up with an idea. "We'll let you climb down only if you do something first." Jimmy tried looking down at hijos homosexuales lolitas com the mean boys but his eyes were kept shut from fright. He asked, "Do what?" There came some whisperings between the two boys below before something was decided. One called out, "You have to drop your breech-cloths." "Why?" Jimmy asked. The two boys laughed. "Just do it... models toplist lolita bbs Then we'll stop shaking the ladder so you can climb down." Jimmy naked lolita saian kids didn't like it. There came more violent tugging of the ropes that had Jeff crying out like a baby. He felt really scared too. A decision came to him. "Okay! Stop lola no nude models it so that I can lolitas violadas enculadas corridas untie our breech-cloths!" The free underground lolita pics boys stopped pulling. When the rope ladder settled down, Jimmy reached a hand to Jeff's thong belt but lillle russian lolita pussys he couldn't untie it with only one hand. He decided to break it from the boy's waist. Two flaps of deerskin fell to the ground when he did. "Now yours," shouted the boy from below. Jimmy slowly reached into his belt and pulled hard. The tied thong broke under his fingers, sending his two flaps to the ground. A whooping came from the two boys when they picked up their breech-cloths in triumph. "Nice butts!" shouted a boy. He pulled on the rope ladder to show the naked boys that they were still under his power. "Only one more thing to do before we'll allow you to come down!" Jimmy swallowed nervously in his throat. "What's that?" The boys below whispered again to each other. Laughter followed that made Jimmy cringe in fear to what they had planned. "You have to kiss your friend's ass!" The rope ladder was pulled on to force that decision upon Jimmy. He cried out in quick agreement. Jeff was whimpering. He clung to the rope ladder as if never little lolitas in panties letting go. Jimmy was worried that nothing lolita uderaged teens nude could get the little boy down even if they were to be let alone. Yet ls studios lolitas site he had to perform what was being asked of him if they were to even try. With slow careful movements, he lowered himself behind Jeff until facing his small butt. He leaned forward until his mouth touched it. A kiss was given to the soft sweaty skin. "Do it again!" a boy shouted. "Show us that you like kissing ass!" Jimmy hated what he was doing. Not the kissing part; it was thrilling to be kissing Jeff's backside but being forced to do it in front of others lolicon lolita comics preteen was very humiliating. He made loud smacking noises when mouthing over his friend's butt to appease the mean boys below him. "Now let us climb down!" Jimmy cried. He slowly climbed up over his friend and waited. Their rope ladder remained steady so he gently pulled on Jeff's left arm to get him to release the euro lola free gallery rope but the little boy wouldn't let him. He kept crying out in fear. "Look at the cry baby!" the boys taunted Jeff in song. "Look... at... the... cry... baby!" Jimmy grew mad. He wanted to drop down over the boys and crush them from his fall but he had to help Jeff first. The little boy kept crying. He held the rope ladder tightly in his hands. Nothing seemed to work. "Please go get the camp councilor!" he shouted to the two boys. "You've frightened Jeff so badly that he cannot climb down." There was no answer from below. Jimmy turned his head preteen lolita cp magazines downwards to look and found charming angels lolitas bbs no sign of their tormentors. Nor could he find their breech-cloths. "I'm sooooo scared," whimpered Jeff. He clung to the rope ladder and kept sobbing. Jimmy hugged his friend's back in a sharing of warmth. His dick pressed against the boy's sweaty butt. It had grown limp from pics of lolita incest all the danger. "Just hold on," whispered Jimmy. "Those boys are getting help." He didn't believe that himself but wanted to lend his friend hope. They had to hold on long enough for someone to notice their predicament and get help. For a long while the two boys hung from the rope ladder. Jeff had stopped crying but he refused to try climbing down. Jimmy knew that he could manage it but he didn't want to leave his friend alone so he was forced to stay with him. Their sweaty bodies were becoming chilled. The ladder gently swayed to and fro because of the wind. "My arms are getting tired!" warned Jeff. Jimmy also felt the growing pain in his arms. Something had to be done and soon. He decided to tell his young friend something. "I don't think them boys are going for help," Jimmy admitted. "But you said they were!" "Yah, I know. I didn't want to scare you more than you already were. We can't count on anyone helping us. Especially those mean boys! Please try to climb down with me. I'll help you out." "No. We should wait," Jeff answered meekly. "They aren't going to be coming back!" shouted Jimmy. "Listen. They did all those bad things to us and stole our breech-cloths so do you think they're going to run to a camp councilor and admit what they've done which will get them into lots of trouble just to bring back help to us?" Jeff realized that his friend was right. Those mean boys weren't going for help so that meant no one was coming back. "What are we going to do?" "You must trust me," Jimmy whispered. He squeezed the boy's body with his own to show that they were in this thing together. "We can climb down. You were doing non nude lovely lolitas a great job of it before..." He didn't want to remind Jeff of how those boys had terrorized them; only that they had been climbing down okay together. Jimmy waited. When he thought his friend was ready to try, he put pressure over Jeff's back with the pussy photo russian lolita weight of his body to force the youth down. The little boy slowly released his left hand. His right foot moved from the wooden step and wavered in the air. Jimmy also climbed down a step while keeping the boy safe with the front of his body. It was a good start. Jeff made another careful step with his friend and then another. He kept thinking them boys were going to come back - not with help but to taunt them again yet all he heard was Jimmy's soft encouragements in his ear. Jeff stepped down onto something hard and flat. It took him a moment to realize that they had made it. They were back down on the ground! Jimmy pulled him from the ladder and turned him around for a big hug. It was a wonderful embrace of warmth and safety. The boys laughed with relief. Yes. They had made it! When their celebration ended, Jeff became sad again. "How are we going to get back to our barracks like this?" He swept his hands over their naked bodies to show their lack of clothing. "Oh, boy... You're worried about that?!" Jimmy shouted. He pointed at the height of the rope ladder. "We could have fallen to our deaths and now you're worried about some boys seeing us nude?" Jeff started to giggled. "You're right. There aren't any girls here to laugh at us..." Jimmy tiny little lola sluts nodded. He took his friend in hand and they walked down the camp's main path towards the barracks. They didn't see anyone. It was odd. When totally free lolita mpegs Jeff sniffed the air, art collection lolita nude he smelled food cooking and his stomach reminded him that lolitas de 12yo 13yo he was hungry. "It must be lunch time!" explained Jeff. "That's why there's no one around." "Then we're lucky," said Jimmy. "We can get dressed and then I'll race you to the mess hall." The boys picked up their pace and streaked down the lolita young, young lolitas smaller path that led to their barracks. The found Parker outside smoking a cigarette with Miguel. Jeff paid them no mind by dashing into the building but Jimmy felt that he had to first explain what had happened to them. "Some boys took our breech-cloths," said Jimmy. Parker pulled another drag from his cigarette. He didn't seem very interested but Miguel's dark eyes lighted up. He looked at Jimmy's pole to judge if it could grow long enough to give his butt a nice ride. "How did they little lollita sex gallery do that?" Miguel xxx pic lolita grils asked. He feigned an interest in Jimmy's story to keep the naked boy outside with them. "We were climbing that rope ladder up to the club house... Do you remember seeing that huge oak when we got off the bus? Anyway, two boys from below tried shaking us loose and they didn't care if we fell! Jeff was lolitas models in bikini frightened bad. They wouldn't stop shaking us until we pulled away our breech-cloths. Those mean boys ran off with them. We were stuck on that ladder for a while hoping they'd return with help but I knew they weren't gonna. I finally was able to get Jeff down." Parker glared at Jimmy. He felt sorry for the boy and what he and his little friend had endured. "That was bad. Were they really trying to make you fall down?" Jimmy nodded. "We could of! Jeff got so scared that he wouldn't climb down and lolita cute youngest preteens that's not all..." He looked around for anyone listening and added, "They made me kiss Jeff's butt." Miguel felt a rush. He dropped his cigarette to the ground and grinned. The boy's story was getting quite interesting. He asked, "Was it nice?" Jimmy realized that he shouldn't have mentioned that part of what had happened but he felt thrilled to admit it. Miguel seemed to like hearing about that. "They wouldn't let us climb down until I kissed it a lot." Parker asked, "Which boys?" Jimmy kicked at the dirt. "I don't know them. They were too far below for me to recognize them again, I don't think." "Well, if you can find them again, let me know. I'll make sure they get punished real good." There was a wicked look in Parker's eyes. 6 yo loli model Miguel nodded his head in agreement. He stepped closer to Jimmy and grabbed his pole for a feel. It had been growing long during his story telling, especially from the butt kissing part. "Nice boner, kid." "Stop molesting the boy," Parker barked. He didn't want to get themselves into trouble again with the camp councilor like last year. Jimmy slowly pulled away from Miguel's naughty hand and ran into the barracks. He found Jeff inside nearly dressed. He went to his own bunk and noticed that its top was filled with a mattress and there was a suitcase over preeteen girls nude lolicon it. He lol bbs lolita videos noticed that all the double bunk beds were filled. He turned his attention lolitas nude preteen kds to dressing back into his clothes. Jeff waited for him. When Jimmy was ready, they raced from the barracks to the mess hall. The very little naked lolitas two boys hoped that they weren't too late to get something to eat. There was no waiting in line. Food was piled onto their plates little lolita stories and served to them by the waiters. Finding two empty seats together was the difficult part. Jeff sat with the boys from his barracks while Jimmy was forced to eat with strangers. Lunch consisted of what looked (and eventually tasted) like meat loaf, a scoup of mashed potatoes with gravy and over-cooked string beans. Jimmy was too hungry to mind. He quickly ate his lunch while ignoring the boys around him. It was only when he was finished that Jimmy noticed an older boy pointing at him from down the long table. His eyes widened with recognition. It could be one of their tormentors! Jimmy kept his ears open. The boys around him talked about things of camp, the bad food and other stuff but no mention was made of the rope ladder incident. He kept his eye bbs dorki fozya lolita on the red-haired boy. The boys sitting near him didn't appear like his younger friend who had also pulled on the rope ladder. It would have helped his identification if he could see them both together and hear their voices. A brief announcement was made after lunch. Chief Charcoal (who was now dressed back in regular clothes) mentioned that a late busload of boys had arrived at camp. He said that it would change some of their planned activities scheduling and also make the barracks cramped pre lolita porn pics for space. His speech ended by quoting a free little lolicon pics well-known saying: 'The more, the merrier!' That made everyone groan. The room turned to chaos when boys scrambled to get out. With their tummies filled, they were needing to burn energy on fun things. Jimmy searched for Jeff but couldn't find him. Even when he returned to their barracks he couldn't find his little friend. That made him sad. He moped around in a half-hearted effort to find him and couldn't. Jeff wasn't at the lake, not in the barracks or anywhere else that he wandered to. Jimmy eventually lolita teen galleries porn returned to the lake and sat at the far end of the pier. He watched the boys swimming. Some other boys had taken out canoes to fish from or simply to paddle around the lake. He was content to only watch their fun activities. The sun felt good and it relaxed him. The hot afternoon turned to evening. Dinner wasn't served in the mess hall. A bon fire were constructed for each barracks by the camp councilors and long wooden sticks with hot dogs handed out preteen lolita nymphets archive to each group of boys. The buns were toasted on those same sticks. Afterwards, marshmellows served as the dessert. Many of the boys made a torch of them much to Kirkland's dismay but he relented to it. After a day, he had mellowed out and seemed to be enjoying himself with his group of boys. Jimmy saw Jeff standing with some of hot nude lolita models the new boys that had arrived that day but ignored him. He didn't want to admit that he was hurt. It was kind of dumb but that's how he felt so he stood alone with lolita jp bbs imageboard his fire stick in hand and gooey marshmellows in his mouth. Camp songs were sung afterwards. When the bon fire turned to glowing embers, Kirkland told some scary ghost stories. Jimmy was finding it hard to keep his eyes open. He returned to the barracks so that he could sleep. It was noisy inside though. Some of the new boys were running over the bottom bunks and trades were being made for candy and comic books. Jimmy dropped into his bottom bunk, exhausted. He didn't even bother to dress into his pajamas when sleep took him. The next morning, Jimmy awakened refreshed. He changed clothes and marched off to the mess hall for breakfast with the other boys from his barracks. Jeff waved at him from line preteen nude lolitas ukranian and his heart leaped. Yet they didn't eat together. It seemed that the little boy had made some new friends that he'd rather be with. Jimmy played with the half-eaten oatmeal in his bowl and tried not to cry. The black man made the usual activities announcement lolita top loli nymphet after breakfast. Kirkland's group was assigned to canoeing. They marched to the lake and a full hour was spent on shore to explain water safety, paddle strokes and things like that before they were able to actually get into the canoes. Because of the increase in the number of boys, three were put into each boat instead of two. The boy in the front was given a paddle along with the boy tiny young lolita clips in the rear. The middle boy could only sit and watch - usually being the youngest best dark lolita paysites of the trio. Jimmy managed to join Parker and Miguel. They welcomed the boy into their group and together, they paddled from shore. Parker used his greater strength in front to paddle while Miguel both paddled and steered in the rear. Jimmy sat in the middle and watched. The water rippled when they glided over it at an increasing speed. They eventually came out in front of the others. Miguel steered their canoe like a pro. Parker put all that he had into paddling. All the other canoes were left far behind and that made Jimmy proud. Miguel steered their canoe into a wide river that flowed into legal nymphet teen loli the lake. Jimmy was worried that they were getting far from camp but Parker assured the boy that it would be okay. After paddling around a lazy bend in the river, they stopped over lolita models nudes preteens a sand bar. They got out and pulled the canoe onto it to prevent their boat from floating away. Parker unbuttoned his shirt. Miguel grinned and took off his shirt xxx lolita preteen girls and pulled down his pants as Jimmy watched. Their underwear came next. When the two boys were naked, they ran along the long sandbar and dived into the river. They playfully splashed at each other without a care for their lack of swim suits. When Miguel waved to Jimmy to join them, the boy took off his clothes. He walked grade school loli nymphs naked along the sandbar while looking around for russian junior lolita video other canoes. None were coming up the river to where they were. He stood at the edge of the raised sand in the middle of the river and marveled at it. They were on a kind of low island. Parker splashed water at him so Jimmy dived in. They splashed water at each other and made bbs imageboard lolita nude a contest of diving for shellfish and snails. Often, Miguel was brushing up against the front of Jimmy's body. Their slippery contact gave the boy an erection which he tried to hide. Parker saw what his lover was doing and took him out of the water. They laid down together over the sand to rest. Jimmy left the water as well. He grinned when seeing their butts facing the sun; white next to brown. Without a towel, he didn't want to lay down and get sand over his body, especially into his asshole so he only dropped down to his knees near the couple. That's what preteens angels lolitas innocent the boy thought of preteen nymphets lolitas bbs Parker and Miguel. Although they looked as different as night as day for their differing skin color, he noticed how they looked at each other with happy expressions and their eyes filled with deep friendship for one another. It had Jimmy wishing that for Jeff and himself. "Hey, why don't you lay down with us?" Parker asked when seeing that Jimmy was kneeling apart from them. "The warm sand feels nice nude lolita search engine in front and the sun warms your backside!" A space was made so that the boy could lay down between them. Jimmy reluctantly complied. He slowly dropped to the yellowish sand on his belly. It felt gritty against his chest and legs. He laid his head over his crossed arms. The sand warmed him. "Not lay out naked before?" Miguel asked with a laugh. Jimmy could only nod. He hid his face against his crossed arms in embarrassment. It seemed strange when considering all the sex lolly child super model things he had done with those men and some boys. He couldn't understand why he was feeling shy. They were only laying out together; not touching or doing anything for cause of embarrassment. Jimmy tried to relax while the hot summer sun beat down on him. Jimmy had kept his erection from the river. It was pressed into the sand, hidden from his friends. The boy wondered if Parker had noticed it when he was kneeling earlier. He knew that Miguel had felt it in the water when brushing up against him with his butt. Laying naked with these two boys kept him sexually tense. He felt the love that was between Parker and Miguel and wondered if he was being included in it. Something warm tickled against Jimmy's butt. He turned his head to see that it was Parker spilling sand over him. It was a nice tickly sensation. The boy squeezed his cheeks tightly together to prevent his hole from filling with sand. He was remember that summer at the beach when sand had gotten into his swim suit and made him itch 'in there' before getting home to take a shower. Miguel shook his brown butt. He smiled at Jimmy and gestured for him to spill sand over him back there. The boy felt too shy to try. He buried his face into his crossed arms in embarrassment. There had been a hidden suggestion in the Spanish boy's dark lolitas young and tender eyes. Jimmy didn't want to act like he understood it. Parker stopped spilling sand over him. There was a movement felt from the ground on Jimmy's left. When he peeked there, he found russian underground lolita portal that Parker was gone. He turned his head to Miguel and saw that he was being sat on by Parker. underage lolita rape pictures A massage was being given the Spanish boy. He moaned in pleasure when the slim white hands lolita teen porn sites from his friend pressed over his shoulders and pulled on the muscles of his back. Jimmy looked down at their touching butts. He saw the white cheeks from Parker's ass flexing over Miguel's brown during the massage. It reminded the boy of his shower room incident of touching butts with that older boy and of his lusty daydreaming. After a long vlad xxx loli models massage, Parker laid over his friend's back to rest. It was quite a contrast of white body over brown. japanese image bbs loli Miguel was pressed into the sand from taking his friend's full weight over him. Their hands found each other and clasped. Jimmy heard kissing. He couldn't be sure since he could only see the back of Parker's head. When the youth lifted himself from the sand on his elbows, he saw that Miguel's face pressed against Parker's; his eyes closed. He heard their kissing and could also see it. A thrilling surge grew in Jimmy's chest. He felt the boys' special friendship and felt privileged to be a witness tiny cute sexy lolita to it. Now he was sure that they were more than friends - lovers like a boy to his girl friend but from one boy to another boy. Jimmy rolled onto his left side to watch the couple. They kissed nicely. Parker's body began to move over Miguel's with a slow rubbing that looked like love making to the youth. He couldn't see if they had hard dicks but he figured they probably did. His own dick had remained hard ever since leaving the water! "Ouch! You get sand in me," warned Miguel. He tried shaking Parker from his butt. Jimmy giggled. He knew what the Spanish boy was refering to and it was very funny. Parker lifted himself from his Miguel's back and sat over his friend's lower legs. Gently, his hands pulled on the boy's brown cheeks so that he could look between them. "Yup. I've put some sand in there..." Parker admitted. He looked down at his hard dick and found more sand sticking to it. "Sorry about that." Miguel turned his head to Jimmy. He noticed the youth's erection standing against his belly and saw the understanding in his eyes. He asked, "You know what Parker was trying to do in me?" Jimmy grinned from ear to ear but he didn't answer. Parker looked at him and laughed. "Yah, I think he knows..." innocent lolita nude beach "You ever stick into someone?" Miguel asked. Jimmy couldn't get himself to answer the Spanish boy's bold question upon him. He kept grinning like a silly idiot. "I think he has!" Parker nodded in agreement before slapping over his lover's brown cheeks and standing up. free naked lolita thumbnails He reached down to help Miguel get a hand up and stand. bbs lola 10 yo They embraced. Jimmy couldn't believe it when he saw the two boys kissing in front of him. It could be easily seen and they did it without caring if he watched. In embarrassment, he ran towards the river and dived in. The cold water was a shock to his sun-warmed body. Parker and Miguel soon joined him. They chased after Jimmy underwater to pull on his lolita preteen modeling pics erection in play. The youth grabbed theirs and he was amazed by Miguel's thickness. On the sandbar, he had seen a glimpse of its size wrapped in a foreskin that Parker's and his lacked. The water prevented him from getting a good look at it though. When Jimmy tired of wading in the deep water, Miguel come forbidden loli underage pics up in front of him and offered the youth his back. He got onto the Spanish boy. His hands held Miguel's shoulders to keep his head out of water. Between their bodies, the boy's erection bumped into the brown slippery butt. Miguel found Jimmy's foot kicking in the water and led it around the front of his body. The other foot wrapped around the Spanish boy's waist. Their bodies pressed close together in warmth. Miguel could just reach bottom with his feet so the youth could rest by fully hugging his body. Jimmy felt tense. His dick was sticking against Miguel's slippery butt and he was afraid lolita big feet foot that it might slip in like what he had done to Jeff in their shower. To prevent it, he lifted himself higher over the Spanish boy's back with his hands gripped around the boy's upper chest. To his dismay, Jimmy's feet were pulled on to lower him into the water. His dick slipped back down into the crack of Miguel's butt. "It's okay," Miguel whispered. "I like feeling you back there." Jimmy gulped. He knew what the Spanish boy wanted of him but with Parker swimming nearby, he didn't want to try. His body felt like an Indian bow pulled back with much tension to release its arrow. Only that his arrow; his erection couldn't dare be flown. Miguel slowly walked along the muddy river bottom until reaching the sandbar. With its sudden rising, Jimmy found himself out of the water and riding Miguel 'piggy back'. His hands let go so that he could get down. Miguel turned to him with his dark eyes on the boy's erection. Parker waded back to the sandbar and joined the two boys. His arms opened for Miguel to embrace him for some more kissing. Jimmy used this opportunity to take a shit. He slipped back into the water and pushed out from his butt. When he was done, he used his fingers to wipe himself. child elwebb bbs lolita A quick sniff of his left hand proved what he had done but at least he wasn't seen doing it. Parker called out to Jimmy for him to dry out in the sun. He warned the youth that they would be leaving soon. top 100 japanese loli The boy walked back onto the sandbar and fetched his clothes. Without towels, they'd have to wait until the sun dried their bodies. Miguel turned around within Parker's arms so that his brown butt could press against the white boy. A suggestive motion was made. Their hands clasped in front of Miguel's belly. It looked like Parker was trying to stick into the Spanish boy's ass. Jimmy tried not to look. He fumbled with the buttons to his shirt to keep himself busy. Miguel released a lusty moan. He leaned forward a little more to get Parker deeper inside his butt. They began to fuck. Jimmy looked at them from time to time but what he saw embarrassed him. It didn't seem right that the boys should be doing it out in the open or that he should be watching it. Jimmy noticed that his left hand had come down to his erection free upskirt pussy lolita and was pulling over it. The thrills were nice but he stopped himself. He was feeling too shy to beat extreme small loli girls off where others could see it. This was the wrong place. If they were in a bedroom or even better in the bathroom, he'd feel better about joining into what they were doing. He just didn't feel comfortable with sex out in the open where someone could spy on it. Parker was too deep in sex's powerful spell to notice the youth's uneasiness. He stabbed through Miguel's tight asshole very young lolita thumbnail with increasing pleasure. Doing his friend in front of another boy was very thrilling to him. He'd even let Jimmy have a go at it if wanted to try. Miguel bent over some more and tightened his inner ringed muscles when feeling Parker's dick pulling out. His ass bounced against his lover's hairy groin as they fucked like horny dogs. He glanced at Jimmy. The boy lowered his eyes in obvious embarrassment. That worried Miguel. He hoped that the youth wouldn't be telling others about what they were doing. Parker was getting near climax. He pulled over Miguel's belly with his tight hands and dove into that wanting asshole. Deep! A warning tingle came from his balls and he knew that he would be cumming. His hard dick exploded in the next moment. Waves of intense pleasure racked his body while he shot into his lover's ass. After it was done, he gasped for breath. Miguel straightened up within his arms and turned his head so that they could kiss. lolita bbs nymphet pics Jimmy watched their bodies slow against one another. Kissing followed. It was because of the kisses that he realized that what the boys had done wasn't just sex; it was love. He discovered that his hand had come back down around his erection and was pulling over it. It's sweet aching made the youth continue to masturbate. Parker gazed into the Spanish boy's eyes with much passion. Something soft was whispered to his lover. More kissing followed. Jimmy paused from beating off since he was close to exploding. Watching the two boys was a dear thing to his heart that taught him something beyond just sex. When their kissing ended, Parker gently pushed on their connected bodies to separate himself from Miguel; they became two lone beings again. That's what it looked like to Jimmy. The youth saw that Parker's shrinking dick was oozing and it had a brown stain covered part of its moist shaft. He walked to the edge of the sandbar and squatted to clean himself with water. Miguel reached back to brush sand from his cheeks. His dark eyes fell on Jimmy. lolita teen nude phto "Want to look?" Miguel asked. "Do I have sand in there?" Jimmy stepped closer to the Spanish boy and peeked between his spreading brown cheeks. No. There wasn't any teen models nn lolas sand in there but a thick streak of cum was around his brown hole. He realized that most of what Parker had squirted from his dick was deep inside. The thought of it sent a heaviness into the youth's stomach and a sharp thrill through his dick. That's what fucking achieved: getting sperm into a boy's asshole. "Want to stick in me?" Jimmy stepped closer with his erection in hand but he stopped himself. His lust almost had him doing it! He felt that it was wrong... Miguel was Parker's friend and they should keep their love to themselves. Parker returned. He saw Jimmy standing close behind Miguel and a grin came to his lips. The boy turned away in embarrassment; his eyes hiding from Parker's and that's when the older boy realized that he had returned too soon, scaring the youth from his attempt at fucking his lover. "He was only looking for sand there!" Miguel explained. Parker laughed. Jimmy fetched his clothes and began putting them on. His body was still a little wet but he didn't want to be naked anymore; it could make him do something wrong. Parker and Miguel found their clothes and put them on. They silently walked back to the canoe and went into it, paddling back towards the lake. There were many canoes out on the water. Miguel steered them around the lake and made some mock attempts at crashing their canoe into other boys who clumsily tried to avoid collision. Jimmy asked if they could return to shore. Parker looked at Jimmy with russian loli nymphet nude concern but asked Miguel to do as the boy had asked. They paddled towards the pier in silence. When they came near, a man waved to them and grabbed hold of the canoe when they came along side the pier. He had three boys behind him who were eager to have their turn with using the canoe. "You won't tell anyone?" Parker whispered to Jimmy when they had stepped onto the wooden pier together. Jimmy shook his head. Parker held the youth's shoulder a moment before offering his hand to help Miguel onto the pier. They watched the three eager boys step into the canoe and paddle away. "Was it a fun ride?" the man asked. "Yah, it sure was," answered Parker. lolita small girls pics Jimmy could help but grin. He looked at Miguel and saw a nice smile on the Spanish boy's face that put him at ease. Together, they walked back to shore. Parker held Jimmy close with his long arm across the boy's shoulders and talked to him. "You wanna come sleep with us in the tent tonight?" Jimmy felt confused. He asked, "What tent? Aren't you sleeping in the barracks?" "Nope. When them new boys arrived yesterday and needed bunks to sleep in, we offered to young teen lolicum panties use the tent. Kirkland was glad. He knows about us." Jimmy thought about it. After the bon fire, he didn't remember seeing them in the barracks. Parker's question was still upon him. "I'll have to ask Kirkland naked little lolas girls if it's okay..." Miguel protested. "No. Don't ask that man or he say you can't!" Parker nodded in agreement. "It's up to you, kid. If you want to come sleep with us in the tent, wait a while until everyone's asleep. We're set up in the woods behind the fuckin' shit house." Jimmy grinned when hearing Parker cuss. nude lolitas bbs lolitas He nodded in understanding but didn't commit himself to a promise by saying anything. Parker squeezed his shoulder affectionately. Then he took off with Miguel in another direction, leaving Jimmy alone with his thoughts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of file: RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-6 This story continues in RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-7
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